Release History

0.4.7 2005-09-17
0.4.6 2005-09-06
0.4.5 2005-04-15
0.4.4 2005-03-04
0.4.3 2005-02-16
0.4.2 2005-02-10
0.4.1 2005-02-03
0.4.0 2005-01-30
0.3.1 2005-01-21
0.3.0 2004-12-08
0.2.0 2004-07-14
0.1.1 2004-07-05
0.1.0 2004-06-28

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Release 0.4.7 - 2005-09-17

fix Fixed same item being played twice in a row in "Adaptive Learning" play mode, by commenting out randomness.
fix Fixed bug #1281276 which caused an assertion failure in KDE library code.
add Added setting to allow multiline cells for comments which fixes bug #1173628.
add Added setting to select the items that show up as search results, so they can be easily enqueued or dragged to a another list.
add Added shortcut F5 for updating a playlist and shortcut Ctrl+F5 for updating all playlists.
fix Fixed last item before shutdown showing up twice in History.
update Reactivated "Loop in Queue" feature.
add Added setting to remove items from the Preview when they are played or enqueued from there.
add The currently played item is also highlighted in the History where it is the topmost item.
fix Fixed last item before shutdown not being played after startup although the respective setting is set.

Release 0.4.6 - 2005-09-06

fix Made code compile with g++ 4.0.

Release 0.4.5 - 2005-04-15

add The information displayed in the info widget can be configured through a context menu.
add Added a lower limit of how frequently the same item can be played in adaptive play mode. The value is configurable.
update Dropping a directory URL on a playlist does not add the directory recursively anymore.
update "Add Directory..." does not add directories recursively anymore.
add Clicking on a playlist link in the info widget selects the item in the respective playlist and ensures that it is visible.
fix Also show the "Playlists" playlist in the info widget if it contains the item.
fix Playlists can be switched without crashing noatun, when the "Show progress dialogs..." option is disabled. This is achieved by stopping the player when iList is destructed. This is a hack.

Release 0.4.4 - 2005-03-04

add A wizard has been added to aid the creation of playlists that are backed by a folder.
add A simplified layout with a single playlist has been added that can be configured from the settings.
add The currently played title is now marked by a little icon in all playlists and in the queue.
update Two columns that display the URL and how many times a title has been played have been added.
update More options have been added to search all visible columns and all available columns.
update The status bar has been cleaned up.
fix Inaccurate progress values on startup and during update of playlists have been fixed.
fix A bug that caused the root playlist to be read twice has been fixed.
remove The Loop In Queue setting has been removed as it caused wired behauvior when titles were enqueued.

Release 0.4.3 - 2005-02-16

remove Removed k3blibs dependency. Use dcop calls now, this only works with the current CVS version of k3b.
update Optimize size of global item dictionary for optimal lookups.
fix Fixed rare by zero division in heap selector.
add Remove all nonexistent items from all playlists.
add Added progress indicator to k3b dialog and allow user to cancel the CD creation process.
add Made it more obvious that the Search can be the active playlist too by exposing the appropriate action in its menus.

Release 0.4.2 - 2005-02-10

add Added advanced video window hiding setting: When the video widget is docked to the desktop and marked " Keep Above Others/Always on Top " it automatically hides when the mouse enters it. When the cursor leaves that area again it pops up again. Thus one can conveniently reach controls on windows below.
add Improved default settings for first time users in various areas: better docking defaults, the top playlist is the active playlist by default, better toolbar layout.
add Added a konqueror desktop entry that provides a play and an enqueue action in Konqueror's context menu for supported file types.
add All dock widgets have always a visible title so it's clear what they do.
fix A song doesn't count as skipped when it is stopped because the user selected another song to be played.
fix Fixed video widget which didn't yield display to the Noatun default video window when it is removed.

Release 0.4.1 - 2005-02-03

add Added setting to enable/disable removal of items with a middle mouse button click.
add The tool tips for the title column are delayed and smaller.
fix Fixed the removal of the wrong items in the Preview and the Queue.
fix Fixed possible infite loop when selecting the items to be burnt on a CD.
fix Fixed bug in "In Order" play mode that skipped over one item between sessions.
remove Removed Queue settings page and grouped all items on the General settings page.

Release 0.4.0 - 2005-01-30

add Support burning of a playlist to a CD using K3b. The play modes are used to select the items to be burnt.
add Added startup wizard which lets you configure the columns visible by default, and the default play mode for new playlists.
add Support for negative searches by using "-" in front of a keyword.
add Heap based modes are normalized when initialized, thus there won't be any overflow.
add "In Order" play mode remembers the last item which was played and plays the next item in playlist the next time.
add Progress dialogs at beginning and end can be made invisible.
update The current play mode in the status bar is more intuitive now.
add Almost every non obvious function is documented with What's This messages.
update "Removed when played" option in Queue menu is renamed to "Loop in Queue" which is more intuitive.

Release 0.3.1 - 2005-01-21

add The InfoWidget displays all playlists that contain the item except for the standar playlist. Playlists are displayed as link and can be clicked, the playlist is selected.
update The label that shows currently played song in the status bar is more explicit now and allows dragging of the currently played item into arbitrary playlists.
update Made searching simpler: Either search all playlists or the currently visible playlist.
add Added a video widget that displays the currently played video if visible. When it's removed Noatun's default video widget is in control.

Release 0.3.0 - 2004-12-08

add Introduced a new selection mode, called "Adaptive Learning" which can be configured in the settings dialog. Its priorities are purely based upon user actions like "skip", "adding to Queue", "removing from Preview", etc.
remove Due to some fundamental changes in the selection mode framework old priority settings will be lost.
add A setting was added to always show the currently played song in the info widget.
add If an item's priority is changed for an inactive playlist the change is reflected the next time the playlist is activated.
add Position of newly added items to an active playlist is randomized in priority mode.
add When a local URL pointing to a directory is dropped on a playlist's listview the directory's files are added to the playlist.
fix Fixed a segmentation fault in the info widget's html panel.
update Changed info widget behaviour. Info for an item is shown when it is clicked upon.
update Switched to KDE 3.3's build system to have support for KConfigXT. This means we dropped support for KDE 3.1.

Release 0.2.0 - 2004-07-14

add Priority play mode is in a usable state.
add Display link to lyrics page in the info widget if a link is set by the lyrics plugin.
add Display of tooltips on items is configurable.
fix Progress window is properly updated on startup and shutdown of iList.
add User configurable priorities have been provided. Use this with the precaution that we might change this again some time in the future.
update Notify tagger of newly added items.
fix Cache item's title to make sorting more efficient.

Release 0.1.1 - 2004-07-05

add Support for parsing mp3 tags after startup has been added.
add Enqueuing at the top of the queue has been implemented.
update The filter for playlists has been dropped in favor of a unified search that can be narrowed to playlists.
fix Playing of inivisible items in the search result view has been fixed.
fix Duplicate serialization of search items has been fixed.

Release 0.1.0 - 2004-06-28

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