Noatun Normalize

The project aims to develop a normalization plugin for the KDE media player Noatun.

It is composed of two parts, an Arts effect that handles the actual normalization of the played samples, and a Noatun plugin, that reads the relative volume adjustments and passes them to the effect. There are two ways the plugin can retrieve the relative volume adjustments:

  1. it looks for the respective mp3 id3v2 tags or ogg tags which can be set by tools like normalize and vorbisgain,
  2. it runs these tools itself and stores the results in the playlist item's meta data. Thus the files won't be changed.


  • For ogg vorbis normalization to work you need the latest vorbisgain version (0.36).
  • For mp3 or wav normalization you need the normalize program.
  • Make sure to install the package under the same prefix as artsd otherwise arts will not find the NoatunNormalize effect.
  • If there is popular demand for it I would try to remove the dependency on the external programs and integrate them into the plugin itself.


  • Scott Wheeler's TagLib must be patched to provide correct reading of RVA2 id3v2 mp3 tags. See bug #95545.